We take pride in creating a van conversion which is specific to you. We specialise in VW Crafter and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans and over the years we have created a wide range of layouts from 1 berth to 6 berth using top quality components from leading motorcaravan component manufacturers Magnum Motorhomes.

Every customer is different and a van conversion is specific to each person. So, we take time to understand how you intend to use the van, who with, what sort of places you will go and what sort of things you like or dislike. This helps us design and deliver a conversion which you will be overjoyed with. Feedback we have received from previous customers proves this approach works.

If you are a keen DIY converter we can also work with you along the way and offer a part-conversion service. We can help you get over the furniture hurdle by supplying and installing the cupboards, shower areas, beds etc. leaving you to complete the appliance fitting, wiring, wall lining and finishing.


There is not a ‘one size fits all’ layout and each is very different catering for 1-5 persons travelling safely and sleeping accommodation. You can browse some of our work on this page or our facebook site and we are happy to work with you on this. Useful questions to ask when considering your layout are:

How many people will need to travel in the finished van? Each will need a seatbelt seat and ideally should be forward or rear facing, not side facing.

Are single captain seats at the front the preference? Or do you prefer a single and twin allowing for 3 people travelling up front?

Do you need a full wet room with a shower or do you intend to use facilities on campsites or wherever you stay?

How much garage space do you need?

How many will need to sleep in the van?

Do you intend to apply to DVLA to convert it to a motorcaravan? If so, then please study the DVLA criteria for change of vehicle type  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/converting-a-vehicle-into-a-motor-caravan/converting-a-vehicle-into-a-motor-caravan

What is your budget? Costs can quickly escalate so set a realistic budget and set your design around that.

How will you fund it? We have teamed up with Pegasus finance and are able to help you with arranging finance with manageable monthly payments at competitive rates.


Heating systems such as Truma combi boilers are popular in many of our conversions providing 4 point warm air heating outlets and pressurised hot water shower systems running on either on board gas and 240v mains hook up supplies. Truma also produce a roof mounted air conditioning system which can be controlled from the same control panel or through an iNET controller allowing control from an app on your phone via Bluetooth or GSM.

If budget is limited, why not consider a gas blown air system and a cold water only supply to the kitchen? Diesel heaters are also extremely popular in DIY conversions.


We can supply and fit a range of fresh water drinking supply options including internal baffled tanks, wheel arch mounted, under-slung tanks. If you intend to use your van all year round in winter climates, we can even install full pipework insulation underneath the van.


The gas supply usually LPG tanks provide the ability to fill up in fuel stations all over Europe and can either be fixed under the van or through refillable LPG gas bottles. If budget is an issue, exchangeable gas bottles can be used.


Why not harvest the sun’s power to provide power to your van? We install a minimum of 220Ah in our conversions which are also coupled to a powerful split charger. Combined with roof mounted solar panels your batteries can be kept topped up whilst travelling and when the sun is shining. If further charging is required, the batteries can also be charged through the 240v hook up.


A 12v compressor fridge, gas cooker, large battery power supplies, on board gas tanks, solar charging set ups and facilities for hooking up a generator provides days of use for off grid camping use. Complemented with a 12v-240v inverter you can also consider a microwave for simple meal re-heating.


In all our conversions we try to make many aspects ‘multi-purpose’. Front travelling seats which swivel to face the rear seats can provide an intimate dining and entertaining area. Alternatively, why not incorporate the ‘outside’ with tables which extend your living space outside the van?


Garage space options from full motorcycle race home to small camping equipment storage garages.